Ventura County is full of business opportunity. The opportunity to do something unique and make it work for you. And while starting a successful business in Ventura, or anywhere, isn’t easy, it can be relatively simple. Here are 7 Steps To Starting A Successful Business based off a lengthier Forbes Magazine piece.

1. Determine who you are what you’re offering. Is there a market demand? If you love what you do, you’ll find ways to monetize it. But if you’re just chasing money, you’ll end up unhappy and burnt-out.

2. Determine your pricing. If you’re new don’t be afraid to price yourself below market. You need clients. Impress them with excellent performance and they’ll be talking.

3. Determine your budget. Play it safe and be realistic. Banking on fame and fortune too fast, too soon will lead to significant stress and hurt your productivity.

4. Determine your X-factor. How does your product or service differ from your competitors? Keep in mind your greatest tool of differentiation maybe yourself.

5. Determine your marketing. Ask, look and listen to what others are doing and learn. Put up a simple website and begin sharing your story.

6. Learn how to sell. Unfortunately to learn you must do. Focus on these two points as you get going; 1. Listen well to the needs of your clients 2. Know your product well.

7. Learn how to execute. Develop your discipline of process. For getting your project from A to B to C and arriving with a happy client.